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As millions of people visit the public lands inside the Adirondacks,  we feel it is important to share the message and values of Leave No Trace and sustainable recreation in the Adirondack Park.After the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics hosted a Hot Spot in the Eastern High Peaks, a group of people came together from across the Adirondacks to provide a digital place where people could get proper information about Leave No Trace, the Adirondacks, and pledge to love this wonderful place a little better. The following organizations have made this site happen: 


Adirondack Council 

To protect the Adirondacks, the Council uses the best science, the law, and an understanding of political decision making to educate, inform and motivate the public and those who make public policy. The Adirondack Council’s mission is to ensure the ecological integrity and wild character of the Adirondack Park. We work to achieve an Adirondack Park with clean air and water and large wilderness areas, surrounded by working farms and forests and vibrant communities.


Adirondack Mountain Club 

ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) is dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and responsible recreational use of the New York State Forest Preserve and other parks, wild lands, and waters vital to our members and chapters.



Mission: to conserve, improve and protect New York's natural resources and environment and to prevent, abate, and control water, land and air pollution, in order to enhance the health, safety and welfare of the people of the state and their overall economic and social well-being.



The vision of ROOST is to foster connections between locals, visitors and the world to elevate our communities, with a mission to enrich the lives of residents and visitors by creating a tourism economy that sustains itself over time — economically, socially and environmentally.

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